North Africa is probably one of the continent’s most visited regions, and visitors to the area will not be disappointed. Extending from Morocco, through Algeria, and ending in the Sahara desert, the mystical Atlas Mountains are a wonder to behold.

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The Atlas Mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Nile River provide a fertile landscape different to much of the rest of Africa. Olives, figs, citrus fruits and dates all thrive in the region, and whether you want a backpacking experience or a luxury break, North Africa has something to offer everyone.

Egypt, with its ancient pyramids and giant sphinxes, is still a place of wonder and mystery, while neighboring Morocco is a shopper’s paradise. Visitors enjoy strolling through the country’s many souks and sampling some of the finest cuisine in street side cafés.

Take a camel trek in Tunisia, or simply relax on one of the country’s glorious beaches. Crammed full of stunning mosques, colonial buildings and Roman ruins, if you can put up with the often persistent street hawks, you will be more than satisfied.

Often overlooked by tourists, Algeria is the second largest country in all of Africa after Sudan. Made up of gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, high plains, extensive mountains and vast desert, it will take you more than one visit to get around this Arab giant.

Neighboring Libya offers an equally diverse landscape yet is only just beginning to open up to tourism. The transport infrastructure reflects this and visitors can expect arduous and bumpy rides with the threat of oncoming traffic and camels at every corner.

The Madeira Islands, colonies of Portugal and the Spanish Canary Islands, lay in the North Atlantic Ocean. Both of the two islands are popular holiday destinations, and make for a different experience to the rest of Islamic North Africa.

Much of North Africa is under Islamic rule, and travelers to the area should respect the traditions that go with that. Accommodation fitting to any budget can be found in all of the countries which make up the region, and transportation is relatively simple to navigate.