Marrakech Travel Guide

Morocco’s second-largest city is situated in the southwest, at the foot of the imposing High Atlas Mountains. Marrakech is the administrative center of southern Morocco and also known as ‘Morocco City’. This delightful destination boasts stunning landscapes combined with countless architectural miracles, and is also home to one of the world’s most renowned squares, Djemâa el Fna.

Visitors to Marrakech will be overwhelmed by the city’s magical atmosphere and exceptional location between the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and the arid desert. This enchanting place abounds in marvelous attractions, such as the lovely Menara and Adgal Gardens, El Badi Palace, Saadian Tombs and Koutoubia Mosque. Further top sites are Marrakech’s well-conserved salmon pink ramparts which lend the city its nickname, the ‘Rose City’.

The bustling core of the city is the world-famous Djemâa el Fna square, where visitors are provided with everything from amazing performances by dancers, musicians, storytellers and comedians, to local food and products. Marrakech is also a paradise for shopaholics, offering all you can imagine including camels – just head for the innumerable souks (markets). Marrakech has a reputation for its night entertainment, with plenty of nightclubs, discos, casinos and bars open late.


Djemâa el Fna: this captivating square is the heart and soul of Marrakech and attracts grown-ups and little ones alike.

El Badi Palace: dating back to 1578, this palace houses 360 rooms and hundreds of nesting storks.

Sa’adian Tombs: more than 100 mosaic-ornamented burial places make this eerie spot one of the city’s most visited.

Museum of Marrakech: is placed inside the magnificent Dar M’Nebhi Palace, a most fascinating sight in the city.

Dar Si Saïd Museum: one of Morocco’s more interesting museums, this place exhibits Berber clothes, jewelry, copper artifacts and much more.

Koutoubia Mosque: dating back to the 12th century, this impressive mosque is enclosed by huge gardens and its minaret overlooks the entire city of Marrakech.

Souks: the world-famous markets in Marrakech offer visitors a unique cultural experience and are perfect for mingling with the locals.