East Africa Travel Guide

In the ‘Horn of Africa‘ can be found some of the best and worst places to travel on the world’s largest continent. Most of the countries are safe for the traveler, making East Africa one of the best places to begin your travels.


Falling into two distinct cultural regions, East Africa is a diverse and varied place. Sudan and surrounding regions have been greatly influenced by Islam, whereas Ethiopia is known to have been the birthplace of one of the first Christian civilizations.

Geographically, East Africa can be divided into three regions. The Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles and Comoros share a tropical climate, and are covered in green vegetation. The Horn of Africa envelopes Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Djibouti, and in contrast contains many desert and semi desert regions. The Great Lakes Region is home to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, and here you will find great forests as well as lakes.

East Africa has the most diverse landscapes on the continent, with much of the landscape being characterized by the Great Rift Valley, running from Ethiopia to Mozambique. Mountains, lakes and valleys are to be found in this area, creating some of the world’s most stunning landscape.

The immense history and culture of Ethiopia are unrivaled, with the nation claiming that its Rift Valley was the birthplace of mankind. Neighboring Somalia, by contrast, is too dangerous for travel, marked as it is by years of war. Kenya seems to be coming to the end of its period of unrest, and with its beautiful beaches, magnificent animal parks and incredible ruins, it is easily one of Africa’s most popularly visited countries.

Tanzania’s immense Serengeti gives rise to Africa’s highest mountain, the mystical Kilimanjaro. Zimbabwe offers a relatively safe travel experience, and with its mysterious medieval ruins, makes for an incredible adventure. Malawi is well known for its welcoming and charming citizens. Other highlights include Uganda’s mountain gorilla communities and Zambia’s celebrated Victoria Falls. The Seychelles encompass a mass of 115 islands, and exotic Madagascar is home to a huge array of wildlife.