Montserrat Travel Guide

Caribbean to the core yet culturally unique, Montserrat is an island best known for volcanoes, famous visitors, bird watching and its veritable myriad of outdoor activities. Beautiful beaches alongside other popular attractions draw visitors, with Montserrat being a popular summer vacation destination for mostly North American holidaymakers.

Due to its Irish heritage and similarity to costal Ireland, Montserrat has been dubbed the ‘Emerald Isle of the Caribbean’. Lush green rainforest covers the island, offering some ideal territory for nature lovers to explore on a jungle trek. At the beaches, the sand is an unusual grey shade as a result of the island’s frequent volcanic activity. Yet the dark sand does nothing to detract from the beauty of the beaches, which easily rival many others found in the Caribbean.

Volcano watching is a popular pursuit on the island and if the gods are smiling, lucky visitors may well see some volcanic activity from a safe distance. Local tour operators organize trips to the volcanic region which occupies a significant part of the island.


Bird watching: among the island’s large selection of birds are 34 indigenous species among which is the rare national bird, the Montserrat oriole.****

Beaches: offering unique volcanic sand, the beaches here are by no means overcrowded and there are plenty of spots to enjoy some lazy sun-soaked days.

Water sports: are available at the more popular beaches, with all the equipment and know-how locally supplied.

Hiking: some ideal terrain is on offer to challenge even the most seasoned hiker. Don’t forget to pack your mosquito spray!

Volcano watching: check out those that have erupted, those that might erupt and those that are experiencing some activity as you holiday.