Mombasa Travel Guide

Kenya’s second-largest city, Mombasa is a fascinating port town that faces the Indian Ocean. The laid-back atmosphere, welcoming Islamic culture and stunning beaches make this African city an attractive tourist destination. Its blend of cultural and historic sites and its festive nightlife scene keep those intrepid enough to visit coming back for more.

At the heart of this charming tropical city is the Old Town district, where Swahili culture and cuisine are star attractions. A mixture of Arabic, Portuguese and Italian architecture make this the ideal part of town to wander on foot. Narrow lanes lined with shops and mosques lead to the Dhow Harbor, where all the port action takes place.

Around the train station are Mombasa’s finest hotels, restaurants and nightlife, where most visitors stay, dine and party. During the day, head north or south a few minutes and you’ll find a postcard-perfect beach all to yourself.****


Beaches: just south of the city center are some of finest beaches in Africa where you can swim, snorkel, sunbathe or take a memorable boat ride on a traditionaldhow boat. ****

Fort Jesus: is the highlight of Old Town, a historic fort built by the Portuguese in 1593 which is now a museum on local culture and history.

Gedi ruins: along the coast north of Mombasa is an intriguing group of Swahili rock structures dating from the 15th century.

Mamba Village: if crocodiles are your thing, you’ll want to get an educational experience on these beasts at the largest farm of its kind in East Africa.

Mombasa nightlife: this city is renowned for its partying and nightlife at such legendary venues as Tembo Disco and the New Florida Casino and Nightclub.

Old Town: this maze of narrow lanes is a wonderful place to wander and explore the Swahili markets and the beautifully-dressed locals who create this fantastic scene.

Swahili Cultural Center: a real treat in the Old Town, this center is an excellent place to learn all about this ancient African culture.