San Jose Del Cabo Travel Guide

Immerse yourself in the ambience and charm of a provincial Mexican city on a trip to San Jose Del Cabo; a destination where narrow cobbled streets hide quaint little cottages and blossom-covered trees give a romantic, picture-book atmosphere. Located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, this city has bags of energy.

Stroll around the main square for worthy sights such as the old wrought-iron bandstand and the magnificent cathedral building while appreciating that this is a place with some interesting history behind it. Later, take the time to stop in at any of the many chic little cafés that have sprung up in the area before indulging in a spot of shopping or visiting an art gallery for a sample of the local talent.

While not traditionally pitched as a beach resort, San Jose Del Cabo boasts some pretty scenic coastal strips, many of which are all but deserted, offering peace and tranquility alongside the appeal of their soft white sands and vivid blue ocean waters. On the more popular beaches, the water sport scene is thriving with all the regular activities on offer including snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, waterskiing and jet-skiing.


Mission San José del Cabo: take in some history at the Jesuit mission founded by Nicolás Tamaral in 1730.

Beaches: opt for a busy one and enjoy the benefits of amenities and a variety of activities or head for a quiet coastal spot where the silence affords hours of book-reading and tranquil relaxation.

Health spas: there are a number of venues where you can relax and forget about the world for a while as you appreciate the benefits of massage, steam, sauna and other spa treatments.

Boat trips: local tour operators offer a range of boat trips to some of the small islands off the coast of San Jose Del Cabo.

Golf: several courses give enthusiasts a chance to enjoy their favorite game while appreciating the lush green environment that San Jose Del Cabo is home to.