Guadalajara Travel Guide

Jalisco’s capital, the city of Guadalajara in Mexico is the second largest city in the country and is a bustling metropolis that combines traditional Mexican influences with those of Spanish colonialism. Guadalajara is a visitor destination that lacks any of the spoils of a resort city however it offers a unique charm based on its scenic, tree-lined streets; classic monuments; pleasant parks and fine colonial architecture.

The city center offers aesthetically pleasing sights on every corner with buildings such as the magnificent cathedral among the finest. The hustle and bustle of the town is juxtaposed by the calm offered in the variety of parks in the vicinity including Laureles, Revolución, Agua Azul and Armas.

Traditional handmade goods can be found at the popular San Juan de Dios market close to Parque Morelos. Everything that is typically considered to be Mexican can be found at the market including some interesting edible items which might challenge the palates of those claiming to be well adjusted to fiery food creations. An annual harvest festival held in October draws visitors from other Mexican cities and overseas also.


Guadalajara Cathedral: located opposite Plaza de los Laureles, the cathedral is instantly recognizable by its twin pointed towers. Inside is a large collection of art as well as some fine church furnishings.

Guadalajara Beach: within easy access of the city center is Guadalajara’s own beach. Typical of Mexican beaches, its sands are golden and its waters are blue, making it an ideal place to enjoy some sun and fun without getting mobbed by crowds.

Hospicio Cabañas: this UNESCO World Heritage center was originally constructed to serve as a shelter for those in need and the early 19th century building features magnificent murals by artist José Clemente Orozco.

Palacio de Gobierno: situated on the south side of Plaza de Liberación, this magnificent structure is similar to the Hospicio Cabañas in that it features murals by José Clemente Orozco.

Tequila Express: this is perhaps the most popular of all the local tours available and gives visitors the chance to ride the colorful express train and join in a variety of lively activities.