Boac Travel Guide

Situated near vibrant Marinduque, Boac is a somewhat sleepy small town. Most people prefer to visit Boac on a daytrip rather than stopping here for long as there is little to entertain.

However, if you do take the time to get to know Boac, you will discover a genuine and down to earth community which is more than happy to open its doors to travelers. There are a few natural beauty spots to visit in the area such as sparkling waterfalls, and the pace of life is slow here, making it a good place to unwind in.

There is a good range of food available at local restaurants. However, for a real flavor of Boac, visit Boac Public market, where you can sample local produce and also buy a cheap and tasty meal prepared in the traditional style.

Getting There & Away

The closest major city to Boac is Marinduque, which is a 20-minute jeepney ride away. Marinduque has its own airport and there are regular flights from Manila (40 minutes). Ferries also call in at Marinduque port from places such as Lucena City, Luzon, Balanacan Port, Cawit Port and Buyabod Port.

Things to Do

Boac Attractions

Boac Museum

This is a good place to discover boac’s interesting history.

Side trips from Boac

Kabugsakan Falls

Swimming in the clear waters of the falls is a great way to keep cool.