Buenavista Travel Guide

On first glance Buenavista is just another Filipino town and it would seem that there is nothing very special here or any real tourist attractions.

Unfortunately, this is the impression on second glance, and even on third glance. The nearest real tourist attractions are near Masbate, which is nearly 80kms away. Accommodation is slightly cheaper in Buenavista as it is off the usual tourist trail, but any small savings are outweighed by the town’s inconvenience and lack of character.

If you do find yourself in Buenavista, walking through the town is the most popular form of entertainment. Perhaps take a short jeepney ride through the surrounding farmland before heading somewhere more interesting.

Getting There & Away

The closest airport to Buenavista is at Masbate, which is an hour jeepney ride away. There are regular flights to Masbate from Manila and its international airport as well as ferries from places such as Manila, Cebu City]] and Bulan (3 hours).

Things to Do

Buenavista Attractions

The local market

Always entertaining; grab a shady spot and watch local dramas unfold as people buy, sell and barter.

Buenavista Wharf

Built by lieutenant douglas mcarthur in 1903, the wharf offers fresh sea breezes and is a good place to wander.