Hanna Travel Guide

Hanna has always been an industrial town in the heart of Illinois. Historically Hanna played an important role in the Peoria–Farmington railroad as it passed through the hometown of president of the company and namesake of the town, William Hanna. Later coal was also discovered, furthering the industrial nature of the town.

As Hanna is a small town that has historically been industrial, tourism has never really boomed. The town itself is quaint and relaxed but lacking in attractions; however, some visitors passing through do base themselves in Hanna in order to explore the rest of the county.

There are numerous museums outside of Hanna. Some are located in Henry county, which is also in Illinois while others are in Scott county, Iowa – but all within a 20-mile drive from Hanna. There are also some historic sites around the Illinois area that are worth visiting, including the Bishop Hill state historic site which was established in 1846 as a commune for religious dissidents from Sweden.


Black Hawk: this site was inhabited by the Mesquakie and Sauk Native Americans from 1730 to 1830.

Bishop Hill state historic site: settled in 1846 by religious dissidents from Sweden, this site remains as a museum to the commune that the dissidents established here.