Hanalei Travel Guide

Hanalei is a small, serene town on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Tourists mainly come here to experience the natural peace that is ever-present on the island. In true Hawaiian fashion the locals welcome visitors and treat them as their own, maintaining the essence of ‘aloha’.

Whether you just want to relax lying down or walking along the beach, or fill your days on holiday by wandering through the knick-knack stalls picking up traditional woodcarvings from the local artisans – this is the ideal paradise. The beach is the best place to enjoy that traditionally Hawaiian beautiful experience of watching perfect sunsets after a busy day.

The scenery is what draws tourists to any of the Hawaiian islands and Kauai is no exception. Fantastic vistas of the mountains can be enjoyed from the comfort of luxurious hotels in Hanalei. The famous song by Peter Paul and Mary, ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’, is believed to be set here as the cliffs around the town look like a dragon – at least that is one of the many theories behind the song!


Hanalei Bay: relax along the beautiful beach at Hanalei Bay or swim in the clear waters, then sit back and enjoy the perfect sunset.

Trekking: experienced trekkers can enjoy some fantastic jungle trekking through to the Napali coast by following the Kalalau Trail.

Zip line: experience life as a monkey by zipping through the tree-tops on a zip line with the lush jungle spread out bellow.

Caving: explore the numerous caves in Haena with an experienced guide. Some caves are wet and some are dry!