Lahaina Travel Guide

Lahaina is located on Maui, one of the islands of Hawaii. It is famed for being one of the most beautiful towns in the region, somewhere that has maintained its traditional appearance and feel. Lahaina is popular with tourists who want to kick back and enjoy the relaxing peaceful atmosphere that Hawaii has to offer.

The waterfront of the town is truly spectacular: traditional wooden framed buildings are complemented by yachts and boats nodding away in the harbor. Behind the town the landscape is dominated by mountains while the waterfront is a surfer’s paradise as the heavy swells roll in. The town has developed a bit of a reputation for being over-developed and over-touristy as most of the ‘traditional buildings’ are home to souvenir shops.

All visitors agree that the one thing that makes any trip to Lahaina unforgettable are the evenings spent strolling along the sometimes congested waterfront streets, admiring the sunset against the mountainous backdrop. Lahaina is particularly popular as there are numerous activities and all the nightlife spots are within walking distance of each other.


Ka’anapali Beach: by far the most popular of all the resort beaches in the area, this is where everyone goes once, even if they are not staying here, to treat themselves to Hawaii’s natural beauty.

Banyan Tree: Lahaina’s famous Banyan Tree is impossible to miss when you head downtown and is remarkable natural landmark.

Hawaiian rafting adventures: for scuba divers this is a must do attraction as offshore you will be taken to experience the wonders of Hawaiian marine life.

Goofy Foot Surf School: while visiting the home of one of Hawaii’s original surf schools, why not learn to live life Hawaiian style by picking up a board under the watchful instruction of one of America’s leading surfers.

America II: the world famous America’s Cup yacht race is based in Lahaina so why not take advantage of this by spending a morning onboard experiencing the thrills of high-speed yacht racing.