Bandon Travel Guide

Bandon is situated on Oregon’s Pacific coast, about 90 miles north of the state’s border with California. A 5-hour drive south of Portland and around 9 hours north of San Francisco, the area’s rugged coastal beauty, charming seaside villages, atmospheric rainforest and New Age twist attract visitors from all over the Pacific Northwest.

Cranberries feature prominently in Bandon, as this is Oregon’s ‘Cranberry Capital’. In September, a Cranberry Festival is held, which features a parade, a high school football game, dancing, a crafts show and, of course, plenty of cranberry related foods to try out.

A popular tour is to drive the Beach Loop road, which winds along the Pacific with views of craggy rock formations bearing names such as Cat and Kittens Rock, Elephant Rock, Garden of the Gods, and Table Rock. Another impressive formation, known as Face Rock, is said to be the face of a young Indian maiden, tuned to stone by an evil spirit.


Bandon Historical Society Museum: conveniently located on Route 101, the museum is housed in one of the first buildings constructed after the devastating fire of 1936. You’ll find displays chronicling the area’s history as far back as the earliest pioneers who settled here.

Lavender Lady Farm: located in lovely Bandon-by-the-Sea, this farm is truly a sensual experience. You can wander around the farm and learn more about the cultivation and uses plants as you enjoy the scenery of this picturesque coastal village.

Shore Acres State Park: was at one time the estate of Louis Simpson, a local timber baron. Set high atop a rugged sandstone cliff, the park features flowers and plants from round the world. Highlights include an oriental-style pond and two rose gardens, with a prominent display of All-American Roses.

The Prehistoric Gardens: are found in the rainforest located just off the Oregon coast highway between Gold Beach and Port Orford. The kids will enjoy the life-sized dinosaur replicas set in the lush primitive foliage of the prehistoric gardens.

Bandon Beach: characterized by rugged rock formations, this is the ideal place for a stroll among clam diggers and crabbers.