Hood River Travel Guide

Hood River is located in northern Oregon, in the Columbia River Gorge area. Visitors who enjoy the outdoors are drawn here by the surrounding forests, orchards and vineyards as well as the superb views of Mount Adams and Mount Hood. If you aren’t into windsurfing or mountain biking, you could feel left out here.

The architecture of historical Hood River pays tribute to the wealth that came into the area in the early 20th century. Today, these buildings house small sporting equipment outfitters, shops and eateries.

The city is a gateway to the Mount Hood Scenic Byway, which passes through the stunning river valley. This valley boasts fantastic views of Mount Hood and passes through the region’s orchards and vineyards. Hood River Vineyards, an award-winning winery, is located on a hillside overlooking the river valley and visitors can taste the winery’s fine traditional wines and fruit liqueurs.


Mount Hood Scenic Byway: this is the country road which connects Troutdale and Hood River. It is one of Oregon’s most scenic byways and was actually formed by volcanic lava flows and gorges carved by dramatic floods.

Mount Hood Scenic Railroad: the railroad cars from the early 20th century take tourists on a trip through the region’s orchards and vineyards. Pulled by an old diesel locomotive, the train moves at a leisurely pace through the stunning valley.

Windsurfing beach: windsurfers from around the world have discovered the ideal wind conditions of the Columbia River Gorge. Throughout the day, you’re likely to see a number of windsurfers riding the waves of the Columbia River.

Fruit loop: if life isn’t peachy enough, follow the loop which passes through fruit-growing terrain and enjoy the local apples, cherries and pears.