Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism as well as many lesser known religions have laid deep roots in Africa and this can be seen as you travel across this wide continent. From ancient Islamic mosques in the north to modern new age shrines in South Africa, the religions and beliefs in Africa are multifaceted.

Songo, Mali The Dogon religion is defined by their worship of the ancestors and Awa dance ceremonies would lead dead souls to their place of rest. Binu shrines can be visited and sacrifices of millet porridge and blood are still made at times of planting in order to transmit the munificent force of the ancestor to the living.

Eco-Shrine Hogsback, South Africa This beautiful area is home to the eco-shrine, designed by a local artist in order to celebrate nature’s forces. It has become a popular spot amongst travelers who like to immerse themselves in the shrine’s many sculptures, paintings and mosaics.

The Valley of the Kings, Egypt Located on the ancient site of Thebes, the Valley of the Kings is the place where the pharaohs were buried in ancient times in the hope that they would meet their gods. Visitors can visit Tutankhamen’s tomb although the treasures that were buried with him are displayed in the Cairo Museum.

Timbuktu, Mali With its mysterious mosques built of mud, Timbuktu is a mystical place known to many as a place that is very far away. The Great Mosque, built in the 14th century, still stands although it has been rebuilt many times, and Timbuktu is on many travelers’ list of places to visit in Africa.

Fez, Morocco Filled with medieval Islamic architecture, Fez is Morocco’s spiritual and cultural capital and the old Medina is its highlight. Ancient narrow winding streets lead deep into the heart of the medina to the vast and beautiful Kairaouine Mosque.

The Great Zimbabwe ruins, Zimbabwe These large and important stone ruins have been built out of countless perfectly balanced stones. Visitors can pay homage to the grand empire of Great Zimbabwe, believed to have been powerful in the 11th century.

Al-Azhar Mosque, Egypt Egypt’s recently restored symbol of Islam was built in 358AH and was Cairo’s first mosque. Numerous alabaster and marble columns hold up the majestic structure, and Muslims can still be found worshipping here.

Durban Hindu Temple, South Africa The charming temple close to Durban’s city center is dedicated to Ganesha and worshipers also pray to Shiva. Visitors are welcomed as long as they remember to discard shoes before entering.