Featuring some of the most varied terrain on the planet, Africa offers much in the way of outdoor activities. Made up of majestic mountains, arid desert, tropical jungle and savanna plains, this vast continent has enticed travelers for decades with its natural resources. Whether you fancy swimming with sharks in South Africa, scaling the great peaks of Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro, or even skiing in Morocco, Africa will keep you busy for years.

Trekking: Africa offers some extraordinary trekking opportunities. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is Africa’s highest peak, while the second highest is Kenya’s Mount Kenya. The Atlas Mountains in Morocco offer some wonderful scenery, and South Africa’s fabulous Drakensberg Mountains are surrounded by natural beauty.

Diving and snorkeling: Africa’s extensive coastline offers a wide range of snorkeling and scuba diving experiences. Dive with tiger sharks in Durban, South Africa or view white sharks and giant stingrays in the Seychelles. Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya and Tunisia also offer excellent dive sites.

Surfing: Africa is almost certainly the least investigated continent as far as surfing goes, but Senegal and Morocco in the north and South Africa in the south do offer excellent locations twinned with world class facilities. For the more adventurous, Madagascar, Ghana and Mozambique also feature great surf, as do many of the continent’s other coastal countries.

White water rafting and kayaking: featuring some of the world’s most powerful rivers and some incredible wilderness and scenery, Africa is the place to come for white water rafting. Swaziland’s great Usutu River and the Kunene River on the border of Angola and Namibia offer fabulous rapids, but nothing can outdo the staggering rafting that can be had on the magnificent Zambezi.

Skiing: although Africa will never be a world class skiing destination, there is skiing to be had if you know where to look. Lesotho and South Africa both offer skiing throughout the winter months while Morocco boasts two resorts.

Mountain climbing and rock climbing: Africa offers some excellent mountain and rock climbing opportunities, with South Africa boasting some of the best in the world. From the vast Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya to the smaller craggy Drakensberg Mountains, Africa offers climbing to visitors of all capabilities.

World Heritage sites: Africa is teeming with diverse and fascinating World heritage sites, and there is something for everyone to explore. The Seychelles boast the magnificent palm forest reserve of Valle de Mai, while lovers of history should not miss the 10th century mosques of Ethiopia.

Spiritual places and trips: with a rich cultural and spiritual heritage spanning many centuries and religions, Africa is home to numerous fascinating spiritual attractions. Egypt’s Valley of the Kings is a favorite among tourists, while the mysterious Timbuktu is a place of myth just waiting to be discovered.

Islands and beaches: with sandy beaches stretching around the vast continent, Africa is home to many isolated coves that are ready to be explored. Kenya’s Lamu beach is dotted with mango and coconut trees, while Madagascar boasts tiny islands with no roads. Head to South Africa’s Clifton to see how the fashionable set relax.

Festivals and events: voodoo ceremonies and vibrant music entice visitors to the ‘dark continent’