Not exactly a thriving skiing destination, Africa does boast some resorts. The best can be found in South Africa, while Lesotho and Morocco also feature some areas in certain months. With the exception of South Africa’s Tiffendale, snowfall in Africa cannot really be guaranteed at any time of year.

Tiffendale, South Africa While snow is not really common in South Africa, the resort at Tiffendale in the Eastern Cape features a snow machine so that even in the summer months it is possible to ski. Boasting alpine style accommodation, excellent food and a great après ski, this is probably Africa’s best skiing option.

Sani Top, South Africa During the winter months the beautiful Sani Top, located in the Drakensberg Mountains, becomes covered in fine snow. Accessible by road, the thrilling First Chair is a ski run which is broken up by a road. Snow is never guaranteed, but when it comes these slopes are only for experienced skiers.

Oxbow, Lesotho Skiing is often possible in Oxbow between the months of July and August, but this cannot be guaranteed because of fluctuating weather conditions. When possible to ski, the terrain is incredible, but when not the area is a fantastic place for hiking and bird watching.

Oukaimeden, Morocco Located just south of Marrakech in the High Atlas Mountains, Oukaimeden is usually snow covered between January and February. Visitors can choose to get up the mountain by ski lift or donkey but the skiing is not of fantastic quality. Cross country skiers and snowboarders are also catered for.

Mischliffen, Morocco Situated in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, Mischliffen offers satisfactory skiing and features ski lifts that are frequently broken. Walking up the mountains is not difficult, and some travelers have reported having the slopes almost entirely to themselves.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco Cross country skiing is achievable throughout the Atlas Mountains though skiers will need to be ready to camp and have their own equipment as shelters tend to be incredibly basic.