Walla Walla Travel Guide

Featuring numerous wineries and festivals, Walla Walla is a popular tourist town in the southeast of Washington State near the Oregon border. This fair-sized city lies in the Columbia River Plateau region boasting some incredible scenery and a rejuvenated downtown.

Despite its funny name, Walla Walla is a serious wine region with dozens of wineries and some of America’s best cellars. If you don’t fancy traipsing out to the vineyards there are plenty of tasting rooms downtown and near the airport. In addition to everything wine, Walla Wall is heavily into the music scene and stages numerous festivals and events, including the popular WWCC Outdoor Summer Musical.

There are several worthwhile attractions in the city, although most people come to Walla Walla to visit the beautiful surroundings - rolling wheat fields and vineyards to the west and the striking Blue Mountains in the east. As would be expected, it’s best to visit Walla Wall between spring and fall.


Wine Tasting: more than 50 wineries lie near Walla Walla, complete with tasting rooms.

Whitman College: the campus of this pretty college next to Main Street is strewn with acclaimed sculptures.

Fort Walla Walla: originally known as Fort Nez Perce, the complex features a park, museum, and hospital.

Whitman Mission National Historic Site: located off Highway 12, commemorates the lives of the Whitmans and the story of their unfortunate massacre.