Victoria Falls Travel Guide

As the waters of the Zambezi River tumble off the rim of Victoria Falls, you can feel a tangible buzz of awe in the misty air. Dropping more than 300 feet along a mile-wide rim into a black gorge, Victoria Falls are twice the sight of Niagara and much more rewarding because it’s so hard to get here.

If simply staring at this natural wonder doesn’t quench your thirst, there is a healthy adventure tourism scene around the falls. You can bungee off the bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe or try to survive the river’s rapids, which rank among the most challenging on the planet. They don’t call this area the adrenalin capital of southern Africa for nothing. On the other hand, sipping a gin and tonic from the balcony of your lodge overlooking the thundering falls isn’t such a bad way to spend an afternoon either.