If watching Animal Planet doesn’t satisfy your primal urge to mingle with man-eating beasts, consider a holiday to the Okavango Delta. Its labyrinth of lakes, channels and islands is arguably the highlight of any trip to Botswana. Each winter brings with it Biblical flooding, which turns the entire region into one of the planet’s most stunning seasonal aquatic environments.

Hardcore animal junkies come here for the Moremi Game Reserve, quaintly known as the ‘Predator Capital of Africa‘, knowing full well they’ll see leopards, lions and other legendary creatures on a daily basis. The Okavango Delta bursts into life when it floods, as 400 species of bird mix with hippos, crocodiles and just about every other animal who survived the deadly dry season. The outback town of Maun will be your entry point to the safari resorts which will (hopefully) protect you from the beasts.