Lauded as the ‘Heroes’ City’ for the Communist Party, Nanchang was the epicenter for the communist uprising in China. The city appeals mainly to Chinese tourists, though international visitors use its transport links to other sites in Jiangxi Province.

Developments with the Communist Party are a recent development when it comes to Nanchang’s 2,200-year-old history. In fact, among the memorials and war monuments is one of the nation’s most cherished relics, the Prince Teng Pavilion. Sadly, the original was destroyed in a civil war during the 1920s, and what stands today is a rebuild from the 1980s.

This entire region is excellent for hikers, mountain bikers and all-around outdoor lovers. Most visitors travel on to smaller towns in the countryside (like Jinggang Shan or Lushan) before setting out on a hike, but anyone planning to spend more than a day in Nanchang may wish to set and explore the lake area.

Getting There & Away

Nanchang operates a regional airport with links to Beijing (2 hours), Shanghai (1 hour) and Hong Kong (1 hour, 30 minutes). Trains also connect to Shanghai (11 hours, 30 minutes) as well as several other regional cities. Buses are reserved for exploring the Jiangxi countryside.

Things to Do

Nanchang Attractions

Prince Teng Pavilion

Featured in a tang dynasty poem written by wang bo, this is one of china’s ‘four great towers.’

Star of Nanchang

At 525 feet tall, this ferris wheel was once the world’s tallest.


The city is bursting with monuments celebrating the success of the communist party.

Poyang Lake

The largest freshwater lake in china, this is a haven for migratory birds.