Manokwari Travel Guide

Manokwari is the capital and the main gateway to West Papua, the westernmost province of Western Papua. It sits right up on the northern coast and is good for those into remote jungle trekking and quiet beaches.

Manokwari presides over a large bay and stares out into the Pacific Ocean. The city is not worth the trouble to get to Papua, yet its nearby surroundings are worth the extra effort. Gunung Meja Park is one of the main attractions and is not far from town. You can see Manokwari from parts of the park and enjoy good trekking.

Other attractions worth coming to Manokwari for are nearby Amban Beach, a wide, lonely beach with good surf, and Anggi Lake. The Arfak Reserve is also worth a look for those into nature.

Staying in Manokwari is actually fairly pleasant as it is laid back and doesn’t suffer the touristy overdevelopment of certain other holiday regions of Indonesia. There are one or two half-decent hotels in town and every type of fruit you can think of to eat.

Getting There & Away

Manokwari Airport is seven kilometers from the city center and receives flights from Makassar (South Sulawesi) and Jayapura (the main Indonesian city in Papua). Flight time from Makassar is about 2 hours. Taxis and bemos run to town from the airport. It’s not worth traveling to Manokwari by ferry as it is several hundred kilometers from the next meaningful place by sea. Traveling to Sorong by ferry and then overland to Manokwari is a better bet.

Things to Do

Manokwari Attractions

Gunung Meja Park

Although just out of town, this park is worth the effort in getting to for its fabulous views over the city and for the nice walking.

Side trips from Manokwari

Cenderawasih Bay Marine National Park

Lying a fair way south of manokwari, this is the most beautiful park in papua, with a stunning array of corals and fish.