Lubbock Travel Guide

If nothing else, Lubbock deserves its nickname ‘The Hub’ as it truly is the only city of any size on the South Plains of Texas. Just about everything in the region has to pass through this city of 200,000, making it a great place for a stopover. Although there aren’t any real tourist attractions, the college scene keeps the cafes modern and the nightlife fun.

Lubbock is the home of Texas Tech, a large university that creates most of the cultural action in this flat Texan town. It has long considered itself the artistic and economic center of the region, especially in the music realm. Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings and Tanya Tucker played music here before going on to stardom.

The city is pretty easy to navigate since it’s laid out on your typical grid system. Interstate 27 cuts the city in half north to south, and the large Loop 289 highway circles it. Downtown is situated just to the west of I-27. Lubbock is roughly divided into the downtown area and the university campus area. There are plenty of restaurants, shops and bars in both parts of town, but the rowdier scene is certainly by the campus. Motels can be found sprawled all over the city and on its outskirts.


Buddy Holly Center: Lubbock’s homeboy turned rock and roll legend is honored in this excellent music museum which is well worth a visit if you’re any kind of music fan. The Texas Musicians Hall of Fame and an art gallery are also on site.

Museum of Texas Tech University: diversity is the main theme in this comprehensive museum and its 2 million artifacts. The collections covering the people who have lived in the Southwest and Great Plains are particularly good.

National Ranching Heritage Center: since Lubbock is one of America’s most historical ranching areas, a museum was built to preserve the history of ranching in the US. On the grounds are 40 relocated historic buildings, and inside a number of informational exhibits.

Mackenzie Park: right in the heart of Lubbock is this 248-acre public park where visitors can walk, play golf, ride horses and check out a real live prairie dog colony in action.

Llano Estacado Winery: believe it or not they grow wine in the Panhandle, and this winery just 5 miles from Lubbock is one of the best. Stop by for tastings and tours.