San Antonio Travel Guide

San Antonio is a deeply spiritual place that is home to many witch doctors and shamans who practice healing with potions and magic oils in this tiny town on Siquijor Island.

There is little in the way of things to do in San Antonio unless you are particularly interested in experimenting with the potions and oils that can be specially made for any purpose. There is an eerie old church in the village and a few paths with trails to explore.

The faith healing and amulets are what make Siquijor so mysterious and visitors to San Antonio are welcome to meet the famous Vicente Tumala, who can allegedly make paper dolls stand up and dance.

Getting There & Away

The nearest international airport can be found in Manila and there are flights every day from the capital to Dumeguete that take 1 hour. From Dumeguete there are plenty of daily boats that take 45 minutes to reach the island and it is easy to get across land on a local bus or taxi to San Antonio. Looc has a constant ferry service to Siquijor that only takes 1 hour.

Things to Do

San Antonio Attractions

Siquijor San Antonio Church

An old building that stands on the outskirts of the village.

Side trips from San Antonio

Siquijor Island

The rest of the island is stunning and the natural environs have barely been visited by tourists so there is plenty to see and do for nature enthusiasts.


folk healing festival

herbalists, witch doctors and shamans all gather on black saturday to draw out the healing powers from unearthly entities.