If you are considering a trip to Europe in the winter, you will not be short of skiing opportunities. Many countries in both Eastern and Western Europe boast a number of slopes and excellent facilities. While not as popular as North America, Europe is certainly putting itself on the map as a place to visit for winter sports.

Eastern Europe offers the newest slopes as this part of the continent is opening up every year and becoming more and more popular with tourists. However, the slopes of Austria and Italy have been, and remain, some of the most popular slopes in the world.

Pyrenees, Andorra: Andorra lies in the centre of the Pyrenees mountain range and while it is just 468 square kilometers in size, it is brimming with quality slopes, duty-free shopping and a good nightlife. It is a very good choice for both beginner and intermediate skiers. As an added bonus, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other ski resorts.

Alps, Austria: Austria boasts a number of excellent ski resorts and is actually regarded as a premier ski destination. The Alps cover much of the country so there is a large number of slopes to suit every kind of skier, whether expert or novice.

Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria: Bulgaria is not particularly known for its slopes, but you will find some excellent skiing opportunities in the Balkan mountain range. There are slopes to suit everyone and some impressive views along the way.

Mount Parnassos, Greece: If you want to enjoy a skiing holiday away from the crowds, Greece could be your answer. Mount Parnassos offers slopes for all levels of skiers and is increasing in popularity as a winter sports destination. The country itself is quickly improving its slopes and more and more ski resorts are opening up every year.

Courmayeur, Italy: This resort can be found on the Italian side of Mont Blanc in the Aosta Valley. It offers similar slopes to its French neighbor but is far cheaper and a lot quieter.

Tatras, Poland: Like many countries in Europe, Poland is not renowned for its skiing options. However, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the Tatras, the highest section of the Polish Carpathians.

Carpathians Mountains, Romania: Romania is gaining in popularity with skiers every year and now has an excellent tourist infrastructure. The Carpathians mountain range covers over 31 per cent of the country which offer the perfect conditions in winter.

Mount Elbrus, Russia: Here you will find the highest peak in the country and the chance to ski all through the year, regardless of the season. The peaks can be reached by cable car or helicopter; for easy access.

Scottish Highlands: The Scottish highlands are the UK’s best skiing destination although they have never been much of a competition to others in Europe. This is largely due to mild winters in recent years and poor visibility when it does snow. However, if you are in the UK during the winter months and fancy a spot of skiing, the highlands offer the chance and are very affordable. They are all within easy reach of Edinburgh and offer skiing for the entire family.

Big Fatra, Slovakia: Slovakia is one of Eastern Europe’s newest winter holiday destinations. The slopes of this mountain, located in the centre of the country, are great for the whole family. They boast excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding and a number of different resorts to choose from. The country is developing fast, but at the minute, prices are still very competitive.