National parks are in abundance throughout Europe; most boast rich plant life and a number of different species of wildlife. Regardless of whether they are in a developed country such as Italy or an Eastern European country such as Croatia, nature lovers will have plenty to keep them occupied. Some of the more notable parks include the biggest in Europe, Northeast Greenland National Park and the Swiss National Park.

North York Moors National Park, England : This national park is moorlands which are dotted with stunning woodland and brimming with different plants and animals. In the height of summer, blossoms fill the fields in every direction and make for a beautiful sight. Surrounding the moorlands, you will find traditional villages and historic churches.

Swiss National Park, Switzerland : This park was established in 1914 and was one of the first national parks in Europe. It is the only one in Switzerland and so is very popular with both locals and tourists. There is an abundance of wildlife and a number of scenic trails to follow.

Pollino National Park, Italy : This is Italy’s newest national park and is also the largest in the country. There are wild wolves living in the park, but they live in the wildest of the countryside and avoid humans. There are many protected species of plants and many imposing trees.

Teide National Park, Spain : This park is located in Tenerife and is home to Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide. The landscape is desert-like although is still home to a number of plants and animals.

Hardangervidda National Park, Norway: Norway’s largest national park houses one third of the Hardangervidda mountain range as well as rolling hills and abundant wildlife. The park boasts a number of serene walks which will take you past some of Norway’s most impressive natural sights.

Mercantour National Park, France: This Mediterranean park is brimming with olive groves, thick forests, alpine meadows and even small glaciers. It boasts thousands of rock carvings from the Bronze Age which can be seen if you explore the park.

Northeast Greenland National Park, Greenland : This park is the largest national park in the world; in fact, it is actually larger than 163 countries. It is Greenland’s only national park and includes the whole of the country’s northeastern coast as well as part of Greenland’s northern interior.

Pieniny National Park, Poland : Located in the south of the country, Pieniny National Park is home to the Pieniny mountain range. It borders Slovenia and is home to an abundance of wildlife species. Almost one-third of the park is strictly protected and closed to the public.

The Plitvice Lakes, Croatia: The Plitvice Lakes is a national park in Croatia, very close to the Bosnian border. As the name suggests, there are a number of lakes here which are located on the Plitvice plateau. There are sixteen lakes in total with stunning surrounding scenery which can be explored.

Hortobágy National Park, Hungary: This was the first national park in Hungary, established in 1973. It has been a World Heritage site since 1999 and is the largest protected area in the whole of the country; it is also the largest natural grassland in Europe.