Bergen Travel Guide

A small, historic Norwegian town boasting Old World charms, Bergen is very scenic and serene. With an array of the beautiful western fjords, remarkable glaciers, rolling valleys and snow-filled mountains, the city usually attracts travelers who want to soak up the tranquility of the lovely natural surroundings.

Bergen, however, is not all about nature and relaxation. The city unveils all kinds of attractions for sightseers. Many galleries museums will keep art lovers and history buffs busy, while the array of exquisite fjords captivate the spirit. Bergen is also home to a remarkable aquarium where you can get up close and personal with seals and penguins. The adventurous will enjoy hiking up the renowned Mount Ulriken, which offers awesome panoramic views.

Bergen is a city of festivals. Youngsters won’t be disappointed here during the famous Bergenfest, when world beats are blasted from a number of boom boxes. A magnificent array of local dishes is spread out in the International Bergen Festival; while jazz junkies shouldn’t miss the annual Nattjazz event.


Bergen Art Museum: a wide range of art collections from Norway are on display in this art museum, which also boasts stunning views over the lovely Lille Lungegårdsvann lake.

Bergen Aquarium: overlooking the port of Bergen, this aquarium is home to a number of fascinating marine creatures, including seals and penguins. It is also here that you can observe the largest collection of fish and invertebrates in Europe.

Gallery Bryggen: highlights the country’s cultural heritage from the Viking period. The contemporary arts and crafts collections are also very impressive.

Sognefjord: one of Bergen’s main attractions, this scenic fjord is the country’s deepest and longest fjord at about 200kms in length.

Geirangerfjord: also one of the most visited, Geirangerfjord is famous for its remarkable waterfalls and is perfect for photo opportunities.

Trollveggen: is a jagged summit, thus very challenging for professional hikers. It might be a Herculean task to conquer but the views are rewarding.

Mount Ulriken: is an ideal starting point for hiking and offers fantastic views of western Norway. Telescopes are provided free of charge. The most famous cable car in the region, the Ulriksbanen, goes up the mountain should you feel too tired to walk.