Aranya Prathet Travel Guide

Thailand’s chief gateway to the neighboring country of Cambodia lies in Sa Kaew Province in the eastern region of the country. It’s a destination that sees plenty of human traffic, with Thais, Cambodians and western tourists alike all making use of its amenities and attractions.

The town was originally a stop on the railroad that connected Bangkok with Phnom Penh. However, after the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia in 1975, this connection between the two countries was broken and tourists passed by this route no more.

Though gambling in Thailand and Cambodia is illegal, clever businessmen have exploited loops in the laws of both countries and built casinos in the no-man’s land that comprises the strips between the border checkpoints of the respective countries.

Getting There & Away

There are public buses from both Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports in Bangkok as well as from Ekamai and Mo Chit bus stations (4 to 5 hours). Backpackers staying in or around Khao San Road will find an abundance of travel agencies offering private minibuses to the town. These, however, are more expensive than the public buses.

Things to Do

Aranya Prathet Attractions


There are seven casinos located between aranya prathet on the thai side of the border and poipet on the cambodian side.