Mountain climbing / rock climbing: if climbing Mount Everest is out of your league, the Himalayas offer a number of easier and less expensive feats. Rock climbing fans will want to check out the routes on Cape Town’s Table Mountain, while the trails at Colombia’s Suesca are becoming increasingly popular

Diving and snorkeling: while the Great Barrier Reef often steals the limelight when it comes to international diving spots, Bermuda’s less visited waters offer an altogether different experience with their more than 400 wrecks. For the brave hearted, South Africa’s Outer Anchorage offers the chance to go nose-to-nose with a shark

Festivals and Events:

Islands and Beaches:

National Parks:

White water rafting and kayaking: the world’s most challenging rapids can be sought in mountainous countries like Nepal and Chile, but the US, New Zealand and South Africa also have exciting whitewater. For those who enjoy a leisurely float rather than a white-knuckle ride, Australia’s Tully river is suited to beginners

Skiing: Europe may woo skiers with its well-facilitated ski resorts in the Alps and Pyrenees, but North America’s Aspen, Vail and Whistler-Blackcomb resorts still regularly rank as the world’s best ski destinations. For less crowded slopes, try the highly rated trails in New Zealand, Japan and Chile

Spiritual Places:

Surfing: since surfing became fashionable in the 1960s, the remarkable waves along the vast coastlines of Brazil and Australia have been ridden. In their search for new surfing hotspots, surfers have discovered top Mexican and Indonesian breaks that are likely to keep surfers on their toes for years to come

Trekking: from the challenging Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Himalayan treks through snow-capped peaks that rank among the highest in the world to the mystical appeal of the ancient Inca Trail in Peru, the globe is teeming with exciting trekking opportunities to suit all levels

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