Oklahoma City Travel Guide

The state of Oklahoma’s capital city owes much of its international fame to stage writers Rogers and Hammerstein for their award winning Broadway show of the same name. However, Oklahoma City boasts a good deal more than just being the subject of a popular musical and is in fact a highly alluring blend of Wild West cowboy charm and modern 21st century amenities and attractions.

Would-be gunslingers and chap-wearing ladies and gentleman are drawn to Oklahoma City for its cowboy heritage and dedication to preserving all that is great about its Wild West history. The National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center dishes up a healthy serving of relevant historical features with artifacts that provide an insight into the daily lives of early settlers. In a series of galleries, visitors can view paintings, photographs and everyday objects with old west connections.

Frontier City is a theme park with, unsurprisingly, a Wild West theme. Kids and adults will undoubtedly enjoy its excellent yet slightly tacky selection of rides and live shows. At the Omniplex center, museums and galleries are on hand with the Red Earth Indian Museum and the Kirkpatrick Science and Air Space Museum among the better known venues.

Oklahoma City attractions

National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center: your first port of call if you have any interest in the gunslinging, cattle farming or the prospecting days of old Oklahoma.

Frontier City Theme Park: family fun with cowboy-themed shows, a Ferris wheel and a variety of other relevantly titled fairground rides.

The State Museum of History: offers a formal introduction to the colorful past of Oklahoma State through a variety of displays and exhibits.

Kirkpatrick Science and Air Space Museum: take a look beyond the confines of our humble planet into the stars, galaxy and the field of space travel.

Red Earth Museum: the culture and heritage of Native Americans in Oklahoma is preserved and explored at this fascinating museum.