Nagasaki Travel Guide

Historically, the city of Nagasaki was the only Japanese port of entry for foreign ships. Located in the extreme northwest of Kyushu Island, much of its early history evaporated when the atomic bomb destroyed the city in 1945. Rebuilt around the port of Nagasaki and extending into the surrounding mountains, the city resembles a spectacular amphitheater with the sea as its center stage.

A modern city, Nagasaki’s wealth of poignant monuments and beautifully designed buildings are just a few of the draws for tourists, making it a pleasant city to explore. The European legacy is still evident, with Glover Park host to many Western residencies including the 1863 home of Scotsman Thomas Glover. The park also offers stunning views of Nagasaki harbor.

The Peace Memorial Park is the most visited attraction, a dedication to the memory of the victims of the fatal atomic bomb of 1945. Its main feature is the Peace Statue, created by sculptor Seibou Kitamura. For the most spectacular panoramic views of the city, catch the skyway car to the summit of Mount Inasa. With a glass, enclosed dome, this is the perfect lookout spot, celebrated for its night-time view of Nagasaki harbor. Dejima Wharf offers visitors a range of shops with restaurants and caf├ęs suitable for an afternoon of relaxation.


Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum: tells the story of the lead up to and the horrific aftermath of the atomic bomb that devastated the city.

Kofukuji Temple: Japan’s first Chinese temple of the Obaku sect is not only a charming place to visit, but it is a designated historical landmark.

Oura Catholic Church: constructed in the Gothic style with French stained glass windows, this national treasure almost seems out of place here.

Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture: comprising of three areas, visitors can explore interesting exhibits on historical and cultural exchanges with the Netherlands, Spain, China and Korea.

Peace Memorial Park: houses three of the city’s most popular visitor attractions; Peace Memorial Statue, Fountain of Peace and Bell of Nagasaki.