Kamphaeng Phet Travel Guide

This ancient town is located on the Ping River, in the lower north of Thailand, 358kms from Bangkok. To the west of the town are lush wooded mountains and several national parks, while the eastern area is made up of riverine flatlands.

The name Khamphaeng Phet means ‘as strong as forts made of diamonds’, and the district formerly hosted various towns as strategic front lines since Sukhothai was the capital of the kingdom. In the center of Kamphaeng Phet you will find a number of Buddhist temples as well as other important structures.

Set within the city walls, the large Wat Phra Kaeo is the most significant temple, which was used on special events, while Wat Phra That is second in size. Situated to the north, the ancient palace of Sa Mon with its square earthen wall is another draw. Surrounding the walls are moats featuring a pond in the middle. Today, however, there are no standing constructions left.

Placed on a high hill, Wat Chang Rop is a big temple with a Ceylonese-style chedi in the center and a base that is decorated with 68 half-elephants. Aside from these temples, there are numerous ancient sites found on the east bank of the river, such as Wat Kalothai and Wat Arwat Yai. Another attraction in town is the Kamphaeng Phet National Museum, which displays ancient artifacts from diverse eras.

Getting There & Away

Both fan and air-conditioned buses depart from Bangkok’s Mochit Bus Station every day (6 hours). Coming from the capital by car, take Highway 32 to Nakhon Sawan, passing Ayutthaya, Ang Thong and Sing Buri, then proceed along Highway 1 to Kamphaeng Phet. Bangkok hosts Thailand’s main international airport.

Things to Do

Kamphaeng Phet Attractions

Wat Phra Kaeo

The town’s most important temple.

Wat Phra That

The town’s second-largest temple.

Wat Chang Rop

A big temple on a high hill.

Kamphaeng Phet National Museum

Houses ancient items from several eras.