Jolo Island Travel Guide

Jolo Island is the largest island of the Sulu Archipelago in southwest Philippines, between Mindanao and Borneo, and is best known for its volcanic landscape and trekking.

Mount Tumatangas is the highest point on Jolo Island and the focus of most visitors’ attention, along with nearby Mount Dajo National Park. Both have fantastic walking and landscapes. The active Bud Dajo cinder cone is also a must-see on Jolo Island.

The main town on Jolo Island is Jolo in the northwest of the island. This is where boats come in from the elsewhere in the Philippines and it holds the majority of the island’s population. Consequently, it also has the most hotels, restaurants and shopping options. Jolo is a walled town which was put up by the Spanish colonialists. Elsewhere in the town are many colorful mosques and more evidence of the Spanish era.

Getting There & Away

Jolo Island is well connected to the rest of the Philippines by boat and air. Jolo Airport is just outside town with flights from Manila (90 minutes) and Cebu City. Jeepneys run to downtown Jolo. High-speed ferries also run to Jolo town on Jolo Island from Zamboanga City.

Onward Travel

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