Located smack in the center of Rhode Island, Greenville is another satellite town to Providence. More of a village than a town, Greenville takes its name from Revolutionary War General, Nathanael Greene, who was born in the state and is buried amid peaceful surroundings.

Apart from strolling and spending some time among the apple orchards around Greenville, there’s not that really much to do. Many people use it as a base to visit Providence which is only a short drive southeast along Putnam Pike, Route 44.

Providence is an old city American city, loaded with historic buildings and striking architecture, best seen in the Rhode Island State House and the Trinity Repertory Theater. Providence also boasts a healthy number of museums and galleries and there are numerous parks, gardens and waterways to enjoy nature.


Baptist Church: is one of Greenville’s biggest attractions and featured in the Free Will Baptist movement in the 19th century.

Smith avenue: shops, inns and caf├ęs line this street and include the popular Greenville Inn and Kounty Kitchen.

Providence: Rhode Island’s biggest city is only a short drive from Greenville and has the bulk of the attractions and nightlife of the state.