Kalibo Travel Guide

The pretty town of Kalibo is surrounded by natural beauty, with a close-knit community that welcomes tourists and travelers. With its own international airport, this is a good place to use as a base when exploring the area.

Although quite small compared to many other towns and cities in the Philippines, there is a lot to see and do in Kalibo. Hiking is a popular pastime here, and following one of the many picturesque trails through the mangrove forest will lead to sparkling streams, waterfalls and a wide range of wildlife.

Kalibo is particularly well known for its At-atihan Festival, which takes place in early January and draws visitors from all around. Most people head to Kalibo Cathedral to take part in the Paeapakceremony, which involves the massaging of a small Sto Nino of Kalibo.

Getting There & Away

Getting to Kalibo is easy as it has its own airport with regular flights from Manila (one hour) as well as from other major Asian cities such as Taipei, Singapore and Hong Kong. There are also buses to and from nearby cities such as Boracay (90 minutes), Roxas]] and Iloilo.

Things to Do

Kalibo Attractions

Kalibo Mangrove Ecotourism Park

This mangrove reforestation project gives visitors a rare opportunity to visit this habitat and learn about the piƱa-weaving industry.

Museo it Akean

Kalibo’s museum is a great place to learn about the area’s history and culture.


At-atihan Festival

Known as the filipino mardi gras, this vibrant january festival features three days or more of face painting, singing and dancing.