Caticlan Travel Guide

The pretty port town of Caticlan is located near the large transport hub of Boracay. Although this is a good place to visit on a daytrip, many people spend several days here.

Most people visit Caticlan to go hiking, and this area of intense natural beauty offers a couple of well-marked hiking trails featuring stunning panoramas of the area. Wander to Caticlan’s Panoly Port for spectacular views of the island and fresh sea air.

Not to be missed is the pumpboat trip from Caticlan to Boracay, which takes just 15 minutes and is very pretty. This is a great way to see Catliclan and there is plenty to do in Boracay for those who decide to stay there a while. There is lots of accommodation to choose from and restaurants selling cheap and tasty traditional cuisine.

Getting There & Away

Caticlan has its own airport, with regular flights from Manila (2 hours). There is also a regular pumpboat taking passengers to Caticlan from Boracay and back again in just 15 minutes.

Things to Do

Caticlan Attractions

Crystal Cove Hike

This spectacular hiking trail covers just less than two kilometers and offers some stunning views of caticlan and the surrounding water.