Pulau Batu Daka Travel Guide

This island in the Togean Islands is the first place incoming visitors stop on their visit to this Indonesian archipelago. This port destination is a necessary stopover and has a few shopping options but is otherwise of little interest to tourists.

Wakai is the actual port city on Pulau Batu Daka. This city has a few hotels and shops, but doesn’t have the paradise allure found elsewhere in the islands. It may be necessary to spend a night here if the boat schedules don’t work out, but do not expect to find a bank or ATM on Wakai (or anywhere else in the Togeans). Local currency is all that’s accepted.

After landing on Pulau Batu Daka, most travelers head straight for Pulau Kadidiri. The most popular activities throughout the islands are laid-back and simple. Beach basking, hammock lounging and snorkeling top the list, while offshore diving tours are inexpensive and widely available.

Getting There & Away

Getting to Pulau Bata Daka is a tedious process that takes an admittedly long time. But once you’re on the island and enjoying its remoteness, it all seems worth it. The journey begins with a flight from Jakarta to Manado and then another flight to Gorontalo. From here there are ferries that connect to Wakai (a 15-hour ride) on Pulau Bata Daka. The entire process usually takes more than a day.

Onward Travel