Pulau Una Una Travel Guide

Pulau Una Una (Una Una Island) is part of the Pulau Togean archipelago in Central Sulawesi. It boasts great deep diving and gorgeous volcanic beaches, but is a pain to get to.

The waters in Pulau Una Una are simply beautiful, looking more like a millpond than a sea, yet they are 30kms from the nearest island and are not accessible by public transport. Furthermore, Pulau Una Una has no accommodation or facilities of any kind so it can only be done on a daytrip. In addition, the strong undercurrents make it unsuitable to beginners.

If you manage to get there by charter or fishing boat, the main dive spots at Pulau Una Una are Apollo Reef and the Pinnacle. Apollo goes down to around 45m, where there are many octopi and large fish, while the Pinnacle drop-off often has pods of dolphins and has even been known to see hammerhead sharks.

Getting There & Away

Pulau Una Una is not accessible by ferry. You will need to take a speedboat from Ampana, or one of the other Togean Islands, and pay through the nose. Kadidiri Island is a popular place to go from, lying 40kms to the southeast of Pulau Una Una. Buses take around 10 hours to reach Ampana from Palu, where Mutiara Airport receives flights from Jakarta in 2 hours.