Pulau Walea Kodi (Walea Kodi Island) is one of the more remote Togean Islands that resides in Central Sulawesi. The Togeans are known for their exquisite diving, and while Walea Kodi isn’t the best, it has good snorkeling.

As well as being one of the remoter Togean Islands, Pulau Walea Kodi is also very quiet. It has just the one settlement, known as Dolong, in the east of this 10-kilometer wide island. It’s a sleepy village on stilts overlooking the water and is the main gateway.

The diving here is okay, although not as good as on Kadidiri and Melange islands. You can do dives of these islands from Pulau Walea Kodi with the Walea Dive Center Resort, or just go snorkeling and perhaps explore the stilted village.

For better diving and tourist facilities, Kadidiri and Melange, closer to Togean Island, are more suitable and are also more accessible.

Getting There & Away

The most convenient way in is to fly to Luwuk Airport (via Palu-Mutiara Airport), then take a bus to Ampana, and then a public ferry to Togean Island. Charters then run to Pulau Walea Kodi. Palu, the main center in Central Sulawesi, is 10 hours away by bus. Flying to Manado in North Sulawesi and then traveling onward to Gorontalo and taking an overnight 12-hour ferry is another option.