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Fascinating, exotic, vibrant and exciting... Welcome to Southeast Asia! It is a land of soaring mountains and sheer valleys; sun-drenched beaches and mist-shrouded jungles. Asia is a stunningly beautiful land where past, present and future blend harmoniously together. Whether you're looking for ancient ruins, dazzling temples, untamed wilderness or ultra-modern skyscrapers - Southeast Asia has it all and never ceases to delight.

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Southeast Asia

A long-time favorite of many travelers and backpackers, South-east Asia boasts beautiful beaches, low prices, fantastic cuisine and mind-boggling ancient ruins:

  • Brunei - a tiny and fascinating, oil-rich sultantate / mini-state
  • Cambodia - dashing head-long out of decades of war and home to Angkor
  • East Timor - the 21st century's first independent nation, at the eastern tip of Indonesia
  • Indonesia - an archipelago of over 13,000 volcanic and sun-drenched islands encompasing the island jewel of Bali.
  • Laos - landlocked, slow-paced communist country harkening to times gone by.
  • Malaysia - multicultural melting pot often overlooked by travelers featuring everything from the skyscrapers of KL to the former-headhunters of Borneo
  • Myanmar (Burma) - military dictatorship shuned by the international community but boasting some incredible sights.
  • Philippines - over 7,000 islands dotted with beautiful tropical beaches, fantastic diving and Spanish colonial charm
  • Singapore - gleamingly clean and orderly, yet quintessentially Asian
  • Thailand - deservedly one of the most popular tourist destination in the world, with hilltribe trekking and white sand beaches.
  • Vietnam - communist country that is vibrantly capitalistic, a land of contrasts.


Having many cultural and historical influences throughout the region, we have included information on China as it holds such a huge influence over the region and many travelers like to extend their journeys with trips into China.

  • China - Incredibly vast communist country with an ancient history. It is bursting with mega cities yet scattered with rural villages and amazing scenery.
  • Hong Kong - One of the most distinctive harbor-front skylines, Hong Kong is glitz, hustle and a whole lot more.
  • Macau - A Gambler's paradise, but also a distinctive fusion of Portugese ambiance and Asian flair.