The Pulau Togean archipelago, more commonly known as the Togean Islands to tourists, is one of Indonesia’s favorite dive destinations. It sits in the center of the Gulf of Tomini, Central Sulawesi, and comprises 56 islands and islets.

The islands themselves are volcanic in origin and are densely covered with deep green foliage, making trekking popular. The surrounding waters are the biggest appeal, stocked as they are with an immense amount of coral and marine life. Green turtles, dugongs and an array of exotic fish inhabit the reefs.

Kadidiri and Melange are the two best visited islands, having the best diving and tourist facilities. You can get to Waikai harbor (Togean) by public ferry from Ampana, from where private boats run to the other islands. There are also many fine beaches in Pulau Togean, with Kadidiri having many established resorts set up on them.

Getting There & Away

Ferries run to Waikai on Pulau Togean from Ampana on the mainland every other day (4 hours). Connecting speedboats then run on to Kadidiri and Melange. You can also come in from Gorontalo on the south coast of North Sulawesi if flying to Manado. Trip time is around 13 hours. Mutiara Airport in Palu is the nearest main airport, with flights from Jakarta (2 hours) and Bali. Expect a 10-hour bus ride from Palu.