Tay Ninh is best known for its unique sect of Buddhism. Cao Dai Buddhism was founded in the early 20th century and is headquartered in this part of Vietnam.

Cao Dai Buddhists believe in a creator God that reigns above Buddha and Bodhisattvas. There are millions of adherents, so all of the political unrest of the 20th century was further complicated in this region. The Viet Cong captured the town for a few days in 1969.

The city’s most famous site is the Cao Dai Great Temple, a magnificent structure that rivals the finest religious architecture across the continent. The Holy See lives here and public masses are held four times daily.

Tay Ninh is also launching point for daytrips to Black Lady Mountain, or Nui Ba Den. This is an important pilgrimage site with cave temples dating back several centuries. Gardens and a recreational lake are at the base.

Getting There & Away

Ho Chi Minh City is the closest city with an international airport and with less than 60 miles between the two cities, daytrips are easily arranged. Tour buses take a little over an hour to reach Tay Ninh and taxis can be booked for daytrips.

Things to Do

Tay Ninh Attractions

Cao Dai Temple

Construction began in the 1930s on a building that has more in common with western cathedrals than it does with buddhist temples. services resemble catholic mass.