Pulau Pantar Travel Guide

Although still largely unknown to tourists, the large and beautiful island of Pulau Pantar has plenty of natural charm and beauty, enticing visitors to return time and again.

This is a prime location for those who enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling as the waters are simply teeming with life. Colorful coral abounds and a wide variety of species of fish are waiting to be discovered swimming deep within the depths. Keen scuba divers will probably already be familiar with the area of the island’s south coast known as the ‘Cathedral’.

Deep sea fishing is the main form of income here, so there are plenty of fresh fish dishes to enjoy. Pulau Pantar is blessed with a number of beautiful beaches, and these are great places to spread out on the sand for a while or swim in the clean, aquamarine water.

Boat trips are a great way to view the intense natural beauty of the island and surrounding area. There are a number of nearby islands to explore and West Timor is just a short boat ride away, making a good daytrip destination for those who want to use Pulau Pantar as a base to explore.

It can rain very heavily on Pulau Pantar during the wet season, especially in January and February. Visitors should try to arrive during the dry season, when rainfall is minimal and there is plenty of sunshine and warm weather to enjoy.

Getting There & Away

Access is from Denpasar, which has its own international airport. From Bali’s capital, visitors can take a connecting flight to the airport on Pulau Alor (1 hour) and then a 5-hour ferry ride to Pulau Pantar’s main port.