Pulau Alor Travel Guide

Part of the Alor Archipelago in Indonesia, the picturesque island of Alor is a great place to stay for a few days while exploring this region.

A large number of scuba divers visit Pulau Alor as it is famous for its excellent dive sites and marine biodiversity. Perhaps the best region for those who want to explore the watery underworld is the aquamarine waters of the Alor-Pantar Strait. Here, divers are treated to a spectacular range of underwater caves and valleys, brightly colored coral and reefs.

Pulau Alor is not only appealing to scuba divers however; there are plenty of areas of breathtaking natural beauty on land as well. Trek through the jungle with surrounds the island’s beaches to discover natural hot springs, sparkling waterfalls and a colorful range of flora and fauna.

Another good way to explore the island is by hiring a bicycle. The roads around Pulau Alor are in reasonable condition and cycling provides the opportunity to really see the scenery as it slides slowly past. Take the time to explore the island’s villages along the way and discover the traditional lifestyles of the people who reside there.

Pulau Alor is a short ferry ride from the West Timor town of Kupang, making exploring the region particularly easy. Visitors from other parts of Indonesia can also make use of the island’s small airport.

Getting There & Away

Access is from Denpasar, where there is an international airport. There are connecting flights to Pulau Alor from Denpasar (60 minutes). It is possible to take a bemo or bus to most towns and villages on Pulau Alor from the airport (30 minutes or less).

Onward Travel

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