Butterworth Travel Guide

Butterworth is found on mainland Malaysia, opposite Penang. It is a relatively small town and much more industrial than other towns within close proximity, but it also received a lot tourists on their way to or from Penang.

It is the main ferry hub for journeys across the Penang Straits and the last stop for all bus and train passengers wanting to cross to Penang. This in itself ensures that the town is prosperous and does not have to work very hard to keep visitors.

The main downside to the city is that it is not very welcoming. People arrive here whether they like it or not if they want to get to Penang. This knowledge has all but halted the need for a highly developed tourist infrastructure. However, there is enough to keep people entertained for a couple of days.

Most people simply pass through Butterworth without taking the time to have a look around the town. There might not be as many attractions as in other towns across Malaysia, but there are still sights worth seeing such as the bird park and the Temple of the Ninth Emperor God.

Restaurants and bars abound and while there are many catering to Western tastes, there are also many local establishments which are worth trying; if for nothing other than the experience. Locals are usually very welcoming and friendly, especially if you are frequenting their establishment. Do not be surprised if you have food thrust your way for free and if many of the locals stare at you.

Getting There & Away

Most visitors arrive at Butterworth’s bus and train stations as daily trains and buses arrive from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The routes are straightforward and very cheap, taking just over five hours to reach Kuala Lumpur. There is an overnight train to and from Bangkok. Journeys are long, taking approximately 20 hours, but the trains are comfortable and have beds and air-conditioning.

Things to Do

Butterworth Attractions

Bird Park

This was the first ever bird park to be built in malaysia and it still boasts being the largest. it is home to over 300 different species of birds from across the world and offers visitors the chance to hand-feed birds and walk through two giant aviaries.

Temple of the Ninth Emperor God

This stunning temple is ornately decorated every year for the nine emperor god festival. the exterior of the temple is very impressive although it is the interior, complete with stunning sculptures, carvings and frescoes, which really makes an impression. the temple was originally built in 1971, but was reconstructed in 2000, complete with three extra prayer rooms.

Teluk Air Tawar

This nine-hole golf course is open to the public and popular with golf lovers thanks to its affordable fees allowing visitors to play as many rounds as they like.

Jalan Raja Uda

Once the longest road in malaysia, this popular stretch is home to hawkers, food vendors, markets, restaurants, shopping opportunities and hotels. while there may not be time to explore it fully, many people take in a small section of it and see what that has to offer.

Shopping malls

Butterworth is home to a good selection of shopping malls selling a variety of fashion items, designer goods, accessories, electrical goods, beauty products and much more. the best malls include jusco bandar perda, sunway carnival mall, megamall and the summit.