Pasang Travel Guide

The small community of Pasang is located in Lamphun Province, in the north of Thailand. Twelve kilometers south of the provincial capital Lamphun, this village is renowned for its cotton weaving and lovely, demure ladies.

By some account, the young women of Pasang are the prettiest in all of Thailand. The village is known throughout the kingdom as ‘the town of beautiful girls’ thanks to their constant success in beauty contests. The loveliest ladies find themselves employed as sales assistants in Pasang’s various stores.

Apart from its daughters, Pasang is also noted for its hand loom cotton weaving industry. Here you will find several factories and shops offering a great variety of hand woven products, including sleeping and massage mats, folding and triangle pillows, scarves and shawls as well as Siamese sarongs. Best buys are runners and table mats.

Pasang can be accessed from Lamphun along Highway 106 on the way to Li and Thoen, two small provincial towns.

Getting There & Away

You can reach Pasang from Lamphun by driving 12kms on Highway 106, passing the small towns of Li and Thoen. Buses depart from Mochit Bus Terminal in Bangkok to Lamphun every day, while daily trains leave Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Railway Station for Lamphun. The nearest international airport to Pasang is in Chiang Mai, which has links to Bangkok in 1 hour, 10 minutes

Things to Do

Pasang Attractions

Cotton weaving industry

This is the main highlight in pasang and visitors can see local products being hand woven.