Lamphun Travel Guide

Having preserved its charming atmosphere of a small, ancient community, the laid-back town of Lamphun is situated in northern Thailand, just 26kms south of Chiang Mai and some 670kms from Bangkok.

Set on the banks of the River Kuang and surrounded by lush countryside and lovely lakes, Lamphun was founded in the 9th century as the capital of the very last Mon empire in the region, the Hariphunchai Kingdom, which now forms Thailand. The town features a number of attractions, including several temples and a museum.

Lamphun is home to one of the most important temples in the north, Wat Phra That Hariphunchai, which contains a hair of the Lord Buddha interred inside a chedi in 897 AD, and is also said to house the ashes of Queen Chama Thevi, the first ruler of Lamphun. Today, citizens still make offerings at a statue of the queen, which is sited near the town’s major morning market.

Another place of interest in Lamphun is the Hariphunchai National Museum. It displays archaeological items found in the area, including prehistorical human skeletons, a collection of stones in Mon and Lanna scripts, and works of art from Dvaravati, Hariphunchai, Lanna and Rattanakosin eras.

Getting There & Away

Every day, buses leave Bangkok’s Mochit Bus Station for Lamphun; the traveling time is around 9 hours. Trains depart from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Railway Station daily. Visitors can also fly from the capital to Chiang Mai (1 hour, 10 minutes), where buses run from Chang Phueak Bus Station to Lamphun every 15 minutes, with the journey taking 45 minutes.

Things to Do

Lamphun Attractions

Wat Phra That Hariphunchai

One of northern thailand’s most significant temples.

Hariphunchai National Museum

Exhibiting archaeological remains found in the area.