Pangkal Pinang Travel Guide

Pangkal Pinang is capital of Bangka Island and Bangka-Belitung Province. It resides on the east coast of southern Sumatra Island and comes with one or two interesting attractions and beaches.

Pangkal Pinang’s main attractions are its airport and sea port, which provide access to Bangka Island. There are beaches and museums in the town, although the main attraction of the island is the beaches of nearby Sungai Liat, 50kms to the north. Matras Beach is a wide, long beach with great swimming, while Parai Tenggiri Beach is especially good for relaxing and fishing.

In Pangkal Pinang town itself is Pasir Padi Beach, which although not as nice as the beaches in Sungai Liat, is nonetheless attractive. Other worthwhile Pangkal Pinang sights include the Timah Museum and a Chinese temple. Pangkal Pinang also comes with a good spread of seafood eateries and handicraft shopping.

Getting There & Away

Pangkal Pinang is a 1-hour flight from Jakarta, host of the main airport in the region. You can also get here by plane from Palembang (South Sumatra) and Bandarlampung (Lampung). Although Pangkal Pinang has a port, the best way in by boat is via Mentok, on the west coast, where slow (11 hours) and fast (3 hours) ferries leave daily from Palembang.

Things to Do

Pangkal Pinang Attractions

Pasir Padi Beach

Although not the best beach on the island, padi has good enough swimming and a nice look.

Side trips from Pangkal Pinang

Sungai Liat

Situated an hour north of pangkal pinang, this coastal village has bangka island’s main attractions - the beaches of matras and parai tenggiri.


Sepintu Sedulang

A snazzy dance performed by the local bangkanese during pangkal pinang festivals.