Mentok Travel Guide

Mentok (Muntok) lies to the west of Pankal Pinang and is the westernmost town on the island of Bangka in southern Sumatra. Mentok is 40kms from the mainland and accessible by hydrofoil.

There’s not much reason to hang around in Mentok, which is merely the main port and entry point to Bangka Island from Palembang in South Sumatra. The harbor at Mentok receives both slow and fast boats (hydrofoils) from the mainland and options for getting away to Sungai Liat and Pangkal Pinang are good.

There are one or two beaches in Mentok but nothing as impressive as those on the east coast near Sungai Liat. Mount Menumbung (355m) is worth a climb if you have extra time in Mentok, and there is also a lighthouse in the neighborhood.

Getting There & Away

The fastest way in from outside Bangka Island is to fly to Pangkal Pinang Airport in the capital city on the east coast. Pangkal Pinang is 150kms from Mentok and connected by bus. Flight time from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang is 60 minutes. To get to Mentok direct, fast and slow ferries leave Palembang in South Sumatra with journey times of 3 hours and 11 hours respectively.

Things to Do

Mentok Attractions

Mount Menumbung

This small 355m mountain is not far from mentok center and offers a fast yet stiff hike.

Side trips from Mentok

Sungai Liat beaches

There are two really nice beaches near this coastal town in east bangka island, including matras beach and parai tenggiri beach. they are both beautiful with white sands and palm trees.