All over the Oceania region, many spectacular trails and scenery are available for challenging and recreational trekking. Australia has some picturesque mountains and rainforests which provide breathtaking views. Mount Kosciuszko in New South Wales is the highest point in Australia but by no means the hardest to traverse.

Without a doubt, New Zealand is the home of trekking in the region with a plethora of varying landscapes that provide a challenging climb for even the most experienced adventurers. The Great Walks has a variety of scenic trails, with an array of wildlife along the way.

Great Walks, New Zealand: Located on the south island of New Zealand, the Great Walks are known for outstanding natural scenery and challenging trails. There are an array of activities to enjoy along the way with spectacular waterfalls, rapids and golden beaches. Campsites and modern backcountry huts are available along the tracks, which take up to five days to traverse.

Mount Kosciuszko, Australia: Situated in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains, Mount Kosciuszko is the highest point in Australia at 2,228 meters above sea level. The climb is not particularly difficult but tremendously rewarding with picturesque views along the way. In the winter the mountain and surrounding areas are covered in snow.

Volcano trekking, Indonesia: In East Java, Mount Bromo, an active volcano which stands at 2,000 meters above sea level, offers some of Indonesia’s best trekking. Near to Bandung is the very popular Tangkuban Perahu Volcano and between Java and Sumatra, the legendary Krakatoa is worth checking out.

Mount Koghi, Noumea: Located just 12 miles out of the busy city of Noumea, amazing trails lead through rainforest and jungle to the top of Mount Koghi. The trails are well marked and with beautiful gardens, waterfalls and rock pools, which make the walk seems effortless.

Glacier trekking, New Zealand: If you can manage a grueling multi-day trek through and up some of New Zealand’s toughest terrain then head to the spectacular Bonar Glacier. You will need to take a guided tour as you need first hand knowledge of the traverse. The tours usually last five days and will push you to your limits, climbing up ice ledges and crawling through enormous rock walls, while leaving you in awe of the natural beauty.

Kona, Hawaii: The magnificent lunar landscape that is found in Hawaii is surreal. Haleakala Crater and the dramatic cliffs along the Na Pali Coast offer spectacular scenery on a moderate level trek. Many tours are available which will take you through the Volcanoes National Park, all the way to the white sand beaches and fantastic seaside rockery pools.

Mount Silisili, Samoa: Situated in the heart of Samoa, Savaii is where you will find the highest point on the island. From the top of Mount Silisii, uninterrupted views of the whole island and surrounding waters can be seen. Although the trail is considered a moderate level, it is advised to take advantage of an inexpensive private guide to avoid getting lost in the jungle landscape. The trail has a plethora of unique wildlife and fauna, coupled with turquoise waters bustling with tropical fish.

Cook Islands: The picturesque Cook Islands are a labyrinth of spectacular beauty. From breathtaking waterfalls, white sand beaches and dramatic cliffs, you can be assured of an enjoyable and rewarding trek across the island. There are many guided tours, which will take you on great day trips of all fitness levels. The islands are not home to any snakes but be sure to use some insect repellant.

Gunung Mulu National Park – Borneo, Indonesia: Gunung Mulu National Park has some of the region’s best trekking available, featuring the amazing Sarawak Chamber, which is listed as the world’s largest enclosed natural area. The national park has now been listed with the World Heritage organization.

Tavenui, Fiji: The Tavoro Falls, located in Tavenui, are absolutely breathtaking and easily accessible by walking trail. The set of three waterfalls are along the trail with the last one requiring some strength and agility to traverse as some steep climbs are involved. One of the most scenic treks in Fiji begins on the white sand shores of Lavena Beach and follows the coastline before turning inland to yet another picturesque waterfall.